King & Queen Baumes

It’s been hard to find words to express my adoration for this particular wedding… Jill & Ben and their (amazing) family are clients who have since become real, true friends and I can still remember the day I got the email about their rad upcoming wedding in Zihuatanjeo, Mexico! The reason I remember it so clearly is because ever since that day, I have been in a “I-can’t-wait-let’s-go-to-Zihuatanejo-now” fog and my tunnel vision has been focused on this spectacular event and the fun & love that was sure to be everywhere! I remember wondering what kind of awesomeness we would capture and how everything would look and I have to say that my vision doesn’t even come close to how amazing it really was… the colors, the sounds, the atmosphere, the music, the fun – it was everything Mexico should be AND THEN SOME! (Not to mention the stunningly attractive people who I was lucky enough to photograph) I kept asking people to pinch me throughout the day because I seriously felt like I had died and gone to wedding photographer heaven! (I’m fairly sure that if there is a wedding photographer heaven, it looks a lot like this) Jill and Ben are some of the. most. fun. people ever and with their killer style and their gorgeous entourage… It was EVERYTHING. That pretty much sums it up. EVERYTHING.  I have to give a little shout out and say how much I truly love these guys and each and every one of their family members who were there that week, we are now officially bonded in the way that only a weeklong vaca and a fabulous wedding can bond people and you will now never be rid of me. I’m adopting myself into the family… I shall henceforth be known as Cheryl Clark-Ferreira-Baumes:)lol. I hope you all enjoy these precious photo memories as much as I do, I put my whole heart & soul into this post and wanted to share some of the most fun and special moments of the day! Here is the spectacular story of their wedding day… 





Mr + Mrs Ah Leong!


Danny & Maria {globe-trotting lovebirds}

Oh Danny & Maria… where do I even begin with this amazing couple?! First things first… they are Canadian… which automatically makes them winners in my book! (just a little biased, I know) so I was already sure we would hit it off when the amazing wedding planner Amina Garrison from Some Like It Classic Weddings & Events introduced us. They are planning an incredible destination wedding here in Arizona and bringing all of their family & friends out to the gorgeous southwest for the trip of a lifetime! Of course I loved them right away and immediately I could tell these two knew each other inside and out, we sat there laughing and talking and I watched as they finished each other’s sentences and gushed about the biggest day of their lives coming up next summer! I fell head over heels for both of them so I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how excited I was when they chose me to be their {lucky} wedding photographer… I about squealed I was so excited:)When the time came to plan their picture perfect engagement session, they of course pulled out all the stops and didn’t disappoint in their “vision” for the day! These two are avid travelers and obviously with their big day being a “destination wedding” it was only fitting that they do a fun, travel theme involving some of the most beautiful scenery in the southwest! I’m telling you, this session has it all… stunning private jets, adorable vespas, rad old trucks and the incredible love of two AWESOME people who are getting married! I have been dying to share this stunner with everyone, I hope you enjoy part 1 & part 2 of Danny & Maria’s sweet travel/western themed engagement session! xoxo congrats lovebirds 




Mr & Mrs Patrick

 I hope you’re ready for an absolutely breathtaking wedding… this {stunning} day was one that I had been looking forward to with such excitement from the day I first talked to Erinjean! She is a friend of a friend and when she first called we chatted like old pals and I knew right away that I liked her (turns out I LOVE HER) They flew in from NYC to have their incredible destination wedding here, among the gorgeous desert landscape of the JW Marriott Desert Ridge and every moment from start to finish I felt swept away by these two and their incredible connection, their amazing friends & every small detail of their special day!! I could gush about this wedding and how much I fell in love with EJ & Grant all day long but i’ll just shut up already and let you see what a day it was <3 Congrats you two – thanks for allowing me the pleasure!!


Mr & Mrs Taylor

 The minute I sat down across the table from Amanda in a crowded coffee shop on a random weekday afternoon, I knew I was going to photograph her wedding. Something in me told me that I loved her right away and soon it was clear that maybe she loved me a little bit too. I don’t think we even got around to talking about the fact that I was there to discuss photography until at least 30 minutes in…. It was just there from the start. Sometimes you meet people and you just know. What I didn’t know that day is that this process would also make us true and actual friends. I can honestly say that we have bonded so much through this process and I came out on the other side with many people I can call my friends (HI DAD!) Kristina Toddy with EOL photography came with me to second shoot and fell head over heels in love with Amanda, Jeremy & their family too! We laughed when they laughed, we cried when they cried. These images you’re about to view are precious because they were captured with love and the emotions are so beautiful & true. I LOVE THIS WEDDING!! Thank you Amanda & Jeremy for trusting us with your most important memories <3 we love you both and will look back on this day with huge smiles on our faces… it was perfection. Also a special shout out to the {amazing} crew of girls at Some Like It Classic Wedding & Event Design for absolutely going above & beyond in making this day so spectacular! Hope this blog post shows even a fraction of how special this day was….